Failed back syndrome is a possibility in upto 5% of surgical patients. Implant failure can cripple and devastate the neurological condition. Revision surgeries are challenging due to various reasons, including the scarring and the broken implants.

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*Advanced treatment for Brain Tumors

*Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

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*Scoliosis and Spinal deformities

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*Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis

*Brain and Spine Infections

* Head Injury 

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​​Dr Murali Mohan S specialises in Brain and Spine surgery. He is a Consultant Neurosurgeon and the Director of Neurosciences at PEOPLE TREE Hospitals and Synapse Clinics, Bangalore. He has performed over seven thousand surgeries and has special interest in complex neurosurgical procedures such as brain tumour, head and neck junction (CV junction), skull base and spine surgery including scoliosis and deformities.

He is an innovator; founder of Radarc medical innovations and has developed an indigenous neurosurgical equipment – A Stereotactic frame an equipment used in complex neurosurgical procedures involving frame based navigation.
He is an entrepreneur- founder of Dr Klinisch Research Pvt ltd- a Multi-National- Contract Research Organisation for Medical Devices. 
He has delivered TEDx on Innovations for Masses; in 2018. 
He is a public speaker, blogger, a biker, he loves traveling and astronomy.


 After elaborate but necessary procedures in Kenya including Nairobi Hospital, it dawned on me courtesy of A&K Global Health Agency in Nairobi that I could take my son Edward Abraham Okoko to India BGS Hospital in Bangalore for an operation at the cranial base of his skull to remove a growth and corroded vertebral bones caused by Spinal Tuberculosis, I had three troubling issues;

1. The distance and if the boy will manage travelling before and after the delicate operation that touched on spine.
2. The first hand expertise monitoring after the operation into recovery. Who would I consult in case of challenges for medical and procedural advice given that the doctor and the patient would be thousands of miles apart?  
3. And obviously if my son would get a doctor who could feel for him despite the financial challenges that could stall procedures.

I write this testimony to thank God for Dr. Murali Mohan S. He did not begin and end his work at the theatre. The moment Edward became his patient he has been close to our family until now two years down the line. My wife Mary and Edward confesses the doctor and his team were very keen on every detail about Edward’s health both in hospital and outside. His attention brought hope to Edward. He had a way of dispelling despair, he comes so close.
He gave me an open platform for communication through direct email and through this we have always been able to share recovery progress and procedure recommendations including MRI reports and drug dispensing with the assistance of our family physician (Dr. Ishamel Gafna) here in Kenya.
With Dr. Murali, distance is not the issue neither do we run financial strains, it’s about life and he is always reasonable. My daughter in high school now wants to be a doctor of this type.    May God continue to use you to touch lives like you have already done to our family.


Youngest child in the world to have undergone a complex neurosurgical procedure - surgical correction of Atlanto-Axial dislocation, a nearly fatal condition if left untreated. With over a year''s follow up after the surgery, today, the child is active and leads a healthy and cheerful life

AS a Neurosurgeon, treating Head and Spine injury is part of our routine job, from the first year of our entry into this divine field. Over decades, the treatment strategies and technology has evolved. We save more lives today. However, Prevention is better than cure. Life is precious. Head injury can either take away the life or the meaning from life.

Creating Awareness towards PREVENTION OF HEAD INJURY is as important as its treatment. It is my endeavour to raise campaign towards adoption of safety rules, to prevent Head Injury.

Commonest cause of head injury in youngsters are Road Traffic Accident. With stiffer punishment and fines, India is now woken up for a cause, from September 2019. Please abide by the traffic rules for your own safety

Patient Testimonials and appreciation

Spine surgery has evolved leaps and bounds due to our understanding of the anatomy, functioning  and advancements in radiological imaging, aided by the technological evolution that has happened in the Operating room that is available to the surgeon such as Microscopes, Intra operative Neuro  Monitoring and High speed drill

Neurosurgeon & Inventor

RADARC Stereotactic Apparatus

RADARC BioPurifier

Craniostenosis or Craniosynostosis  is early closure of skull sutures, which restricts the growth of the brain, apart from causing deformities. 

Early surgery of skull expansion avoids brain damage. Cosmetic correction is as important as the child's psycho-social development is lot dependent on the cosmesis.


Stereotaxy is the technology which guides the neurosurgeon to the depth of the brain with perfect accuracy through a small puncture in the skull. This apparatus is of immense clinical use and is an advanced scientific approach in the field of  neurosurgery. Apart from taking a biopsy specimen, stereotaxy is very important in the field of Functional Neurosurgery such as, treatment of Parkinsonism and several psychiatric disorders.  In the present scenario, the stereotactic apparatuses are being imported to India and it costs Rs. 75 Lakhs and above .

​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the world of Brain & Spine Surgery​​

Head injury are devastating to the individual, the family and the society! Prevention is better than cure. However, in the event of Head Injury,

Timely intervention can do miracles.  TIME is Brain

Brain and Spine surgery were considered risky and many silently suffered and endured, rather than seeking treatment fearing complications of treatment. We live in the 21st Century. The fear that otherwise surrounded complex Brain and Spinal Surgery as being a taboo, is now history. We have the advanced technology and expertise to address the most complex of Spinal or brain conditions that warrants surgical intervention, with good results and amazing recovery.

Brain surgery for brain tumours, infections, trauma and other conditions can be performed safely in both adult and kids as young as just born!, with utmost safety. Better delineation of the tumour with advanced Neuro-Imaging and Intra Operative Solutions such as real time ultrasound and monitoring during the surgery has allowed surgeons to achieve near total removal of the tumours.

Surgery for Disc Prolapse in the low back region or the cervical (neck) region is now done on a day-care basis with immediate mobilisation. Complex spinal procedures such as Scoliosis, Kypho-Scoliosis and other Deformities can now be corrected without neurological complications - as a single stage surgical procedure. Tuberculosis of the Spine, a dreaded condition that cripples a person otherwise can now be addressed by way of surgery with very early reinstatement of the person to their normal life. Spinal cord tumours and tumours of the Spinal bones - the vertebrae, pose a unique challenge of not only treatment of the tumour, but also stability of the spine requiring spinal fusion procedures.