Awake surgery for Brain Tumors!

Whenever the  brain tumor arise from a very eloquent ( functionally very important region) of the brain, It pose significant challenge to the safe maximal surgical resection of the tumor. 

In Awake surgeries, the patient is taken into confidence, counselled adequately and fear of operating room alleviated. The patient is given medications to numb the pain, but they remain conscious to interact with the surgical team and also perform motor acts / talk.

This allows precise functional mapping of the brain, helping the surgeon to remove the tumor safely without leaving behind serious deficits.

Not all brain tumors are cancerous. But all the brain tumors need to be treated in view of compression and destruction of normal brain structures.

Surgery reduces the burden of the tumor and facilitates better action of the chemotherapeutic  medications and radiation therapy.

In benign tumors, surgical removal results in complete cure! 

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