12 yr old student, with spinal deformity:  She was diagnosed with kypho-scoliosis defomity secondary to hemi-vertebra.

Surgery for congenital birth anomalies resulting in deformity needs a very different approach as the abnormal bone has to be completely removed while preserving the neurological functions and achieving a good deformity correction.

And in 2016 I went to Bangalore. There I met a team of very professional doctors who convinced me to option for surgery. and I went through surgery.  The head doctor was neurosurgeon Dr Murali Mohan S. The surgery was a great success. Dr Murali Mohan and his surgical team did an excellent job. It has been 1 year and 05 months since the surgery and the humping pain has been significantly reduced. I am able to carry out my daily routines without much trouble. Now I am proud to say that I am working as a teacher for higher secondary students. I have accomplished a lot thanks to the great doctors specially Dr Murali Mohan. I share a video of my experience which I think would be great contribution and an inspiration for other scoliosis patients like me. Once again thank you Dr Murali Mohan and his team for all that you have done for me'.

Spine Surgery in Bengaluru

10 year old with Spinal Tuberculosis

The infection had destroyed 5 vertebral bodies from the root of the neck, up to the thoracic vertebrae right behind the heart...

Surgical challenge was to reach the region.  A modified minimally invasive technique was used to reach the infection site from the neck, without opening the chest.  Infection was cleared completely, the destroyed bones were reconstructed with titanium implants.

This is the first  case in surgical history where implants have been placed in 5th thoracic vertebrae, right behind the heart from a cervical (neck) approach.

Story of Ms H, a 24 yr old teacher from Maldives, with scoliosis ( spinal deformity)

'ln 2006 I was diagnosed with scoliosis. For the next ten years I went through different forms of treatment from different places. at first I went to Trivandrum and put on brace for 2 years.  next I went to Coimbatore.  After that I went through local medical treatment.  but no avail.  I have been through a lot during those 10 years and was hoping for a cure or at least a relief from the excruciating pain.  I had not given up.

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