Head Injuries

Head Injuries are unfortunate incidents. They not only involve the patient, but also deeply affect the family and extended contacts: financially, emotionally and physically. 

It is a social problem. Good governance can ensure good roads and further, enforcement of strict laws can avoid road traffic accidents. Other reasons could be fall, assault or sports injuries. The sad truth is that the population that is involved in majority of the head injuries fall in young and socially productive age group, who often are bread winners for their family and future of the Nation. Most of the youngsters do not understand the seriousness of the problem. It is the duty of the Elders, Educational Institutions and the Government to create the public awareness. What starts as speed and thrills can kill, not just self, but the family!  

How can we care ?

It is simple. Every one should follow rules of the traffic, take care of self, not try heroic stunts - our life is too precious to be gambled upon. It is very easy to pass the burden to government. Ultimately it is we the people, who need to change. We don't need a government order to take care of ourselves, we are humans and we should understand the consequences of our acts. Unfortunately, majority of the youngsters and youth don't understand this completely, it is the problem of the age and lack of wisdom. Here comes the larger role of Parents, Teachers, people from Social platform : Literature, Entertainment and  Sports Industry, Public figures, Governmental and Non -governmental agencies to actively create awareness to minimise this social trauma.

Our First Aid kit in our vehicles should be upto date! it can help save lives, including ours. The value of the gloves / dressing materials is priceless on accident scene.

What should we do when we see a Head Injured person?

Time is Brain!

It is very important that the head injured person gets immediate medical attention. Bystanders/passerby can make the difference in outcome of treatment. Timely intervention can totally heal the patient while, little delay can result in tragedy.

Use your smart phones smartly! please call for Ambulance / Police.  Try to reach the persons relatives if possible.

Shift the patient to the nearest hospital. It is a rule that emergency first aid should be given by all hospitals, there are no financial / medico-legal tussles.

How should you approach the head injured patient?

Dont drag or bundle up the patient. It can be more dangerous, as they could have fractured their limbs or more seriously the spine! Lay the person on the ground flat and turn them to their left, this would clear their throat and allow breathing. The patient should be shifted like a log, from head to limbs, as single. This would need help of others / stretchers.

Use pressure to seal bleed. It can be cloth, or just compression over bleeding site. It is important take care of oneself too, especially when we are in coming in contact with blood and tissues.